How 2B’s found Pod

We’ve recently been told we can pick up Pod on 6th June. The day has come round fast but at the same time seems to have taken for ever. I’m sure many know that feeling. So, we’ve just been taking stock of where we are and looking back at how we got here in the first place.

The original travelling conversation started at the beginning of this year. You know, one of those evenings where you’re cuddled up on the sofa, glass of red wine in hand and talk turns to planning future holiday jaunts, this for us ultimately turned to retirement and that is less than 10 years away. 

We decided that once we did retire we would disappear around Europe for at least 6 months, taking our time to experience as much of the local life as we could, all with a set up as close to a mobile home as possible, small and quick to set up. The only problem was, what. Campervan? Motorhome? or Caravan?  

We’d ruled out a motorhome immediately. They were too expensive, way out of our price range and just not practical for the kind of small country roads and wild camping we had in mind. Plus if we needed anything from the shops or wanted to do a bit of sight seeing it would either be on foot, by bicycle, or our home would have to come too. Although we loved the campervan vibe they were still expensive and just as impractical as a motorhome. So our hunt began for something within our price range and with that added bit of flexibility.

This left us with caravans so we began looking at 2 berths. We looked at the conventional caravan but it just wasn’t what we were looking for, we wanted something a wee bit quirky, something that would stand out. If it was going to be our home for 6 months it had to be something special. 

This led us toward the micro tourer/teardrop shape, quite unique, definitely different. There were many to choose from but we eventually pinned it down to one, the Go-Pod. The main reason being it had the cooking facilities inside, with many other models this facility was accessed from the outside. Even though its main purpose was to house us during our European tour it would inevitably be used in the UK and British weather really wouldn’t work well with any other.  

The interior was just right and the only way to describe that was through its similarity to a VW campervan, chop the front seats and engine off and a put a door there in their place, simple but a well tested format. With the awning on the back it would give us twice the room again. Great combination of caravanning and camping… better known as Podding !

Now, even though we were ‘only doing research for our retirement’ we had to go and take a look. didnt we ? Of course we did. So on Feb 14th in the car we got and set off, not planning on doing anything but looking we arrived at Red Lion Caravan Centre in Southport. As we drove onto the forecourt, neither of us said anything but our eyes began to search and we found the display Go-Pod near the main entrance, it looked tiny but kind of cute sat in a row of larger caravans. We parked up and went in the main entrance of the garden centre. The Centre which runs along side Red Lion was great, like many garden centres these days it was split into sections with individual stalls selling a variety of goodies. We could have spent an age looking around but no time for perusing, we were on a mission.

We found the service counter and made ourselves and our intentions known, we were introduced to Gary who grabbed a set of keys and walked us towards the demo Go-Pod. We were like two kids entering a toy shop, giddy but still trying to maintain some kind of self control. He explained the layout and left us with it to have a good nosey round, and believe us we did. We began by checking out the pop up roof and moving the seating into the bed position, this was kind of crucial as Mr. B is 6ft2 and it really was a deal breaker, but low and behold all was good. He could stand up straight under the popped up roof and lay down comfortably on the very wide bed. Perfect.  

We had a play with the cupboards and windows and checked around the outside. It really was what we were looking for, a solid shell, no panels or joins to worry about. All the thoughts of planning and buying it in a few years for retirement went out of one of those windows and within the space of an hour we had bought ourselves a Go-Pod with a delivery date end of June. Now the fun could really begin. 

Few days later after boring anyone and everyone silly about it we jokingly talked about how the Go-Pod could have a life of its own, birth and rolling story of its adventures with us two tagging along for the ride. The joke wasn’t a joke anymore and the seed was sewn but first the Go-Pod needed a name. 

Many names were created, twisted and turned but they just weren’t catchy enough and didn’t evoke the image we were after. Then late one night the name appeared with a loud squeak from LadyB and 2B’s in a Pod was born. 

From there it went slightly crazy, Facebook, Twitter, a web domain name and lastly a blog page. Bit of a tall order to monitor but we enjoy every minute of it. We love sharing our views and hearing those of others. These formats have introduced us to many likeminded people, longtime friends whom we didn’t know shared our caravanning and camping lust and new acquaintances, who hopefully will become longtime friends. In the short space of time we have been going we have developed a following all over the UK, quite a following in Malta and as far as Hong Kong. Long may it grow because we can’t stop talking about Pod.

Many things have been posted and discussed at length. From our maiden voyage to Portaloos and the delicacies around them. Awnings and the advantage of having beading sewn on prior to purchase, (that in its self is a story) to Electrical equipment and the watts/amp around them. Pods food larder, pre loaded and now ready and waiting be picked at and packed to her storage location aka as Pods Place. These are just the beginning of what we know will be many magical trips. So role on 6th June, sod waiting for retirement, world here we come.

About 2B's in a Pod

Man. Woman. Micro Tourer. Walking. Kayaking. Travel. See. Eat. Drink. Love. Breathe deep, relax and experience all life has to offer.
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