One More Sleep

One more sleep to go and we will be on our way to what looks like being sunny Southport to collect our Go-Pod, we haven’t even set eyes on her yet and we already see her as a member of our family.

You may think us mad but I doubt tonight either of us will sleep deeply. We will wake early, like two children on Christmas day. Half groggy half ecstatic, to then jump into the car and head off to Red Lions.

On our arrival, no doubt before they even open, we will be doing our utmost to look like chilled out responsible adults but at the same time doing our damnedest to grab someone’s attention and allow us in through the big iron gates.

Once checked over, paid for and the obligatory photo taken, Pod will be hooked up to the back of the car and with a wave and grins wider than a Cheshire cats we will drive off and be taking her to meet the family. After roughly an hour’s drive during which we will make sure everyone passing notices Pod, we will arrive, our faces aching from grinning so much. The family will then be shown the delights of Pod and converted to Micro Tourers’ whether they like it or not.

Then, still on a high, she will be taken home to be once again displayed prominently on the driveway for all to see. Modifications and kitting out will start in earnest and continue for the day, she will then be made ready for our first night. Yes, you read right. After a celebratory drink of sparkly we will be sleeping in her on the driveway. All of this has to be done, all in the line of testing and preparing Pod for our visit to the Lake District, Cumbria which is planned for the end of June.

On reading this back I can see how ridiculous this may all sound and this made us think about how attached you can get to objects such as cars, boats etc, So a little research began.

 On getting the dictionary out these were discovered. Anthropomorphism is a noun and refers to the attribution of human characteristics or behaviour to an object. Animism is non-human entities possessing a spiritual essence and the more extreme objectophilia the love, sometimes sexual love of inanimate objects. All bound by how we as people see these items.

Why inanimate things or belongings have a gender to start with is lost in history. It is apparently borne from an era when boats were named after goddesses and other such important women of their time. Which, when you think about it, it’s slightly ironic since sailors used to think women were bad luck on board, but that‘s another story and not for today.

Cars on the other hand are also on the whole known as ‘she’s’ and so it seems are caravans, which ultimately means Pod is too, although this did cause some debate.

When we first saw a Go-Pod it was just one of many Micro Tourers’ under consideration and was picked, poked and pulled to pieces like any other prospective purchase, but since placing our order 3 months ago it has developed into something, what we don’t know and maybe never will be defined.

Through the creation of our Facebook page, Twitter, Web, email and Blog not a day goes by without thinking about what’s coming next and how we can make Pod the best of the best and show her off like two new parents.

If you take the passion out of it, it is in essence a tool, which will enable us to escape from work, the humdrum of daily life and explore this beautiful country of ours and then in the future travel Europe and immerse ourselves in a nomadic lifestyle. So the passion for adventures, created by ourselves, has transferred itself and you can see how important this little box is.

This box on wheels, which essentially it is, will have been kitted out with some comfortable, sturdy and well-designed soft furnishings and an electrical system which will allow us to use our gadgets to make our days and nights warm, cosy and safe. This is all in the hope that this ‘box’ becomes a home from home to make our travels worry free and days to remember for a life time.

This really hit home a few days after we had been given a collection date. Up till that point it was a case of ok, that’s good, all moving along nicely. No stomach churning moments or woops of delight were forth coming.

That all changed one morning last week after checking our Facebook page and reading a post placed by a fellow podder, Angela. She had been fortunate enough to collect her pod and whilst we knew this monumental moment was upon them we had our daily trauma of work to contend with. So off we went to contend with what the day had to bring us.

Not being able to go a whole day without checking up on their progress a chanced look at the Red Lions Facebook page brought a squeal of delight that resonated through the office causing one red beaming face to offer apologies for disturbing the tranquillity of those at work.

What had caused this irregular behaviour was a simple post of a photograph of our name on the side of a Go-Pod and this instantly turned ‘it’ into most definitely a ‘her’ and something quite important to us both.

So to categorise Pod on the eve of her collection is not easy for us to do and this blog has made us aware of what she is and how important she is. Maybe in the distant future when we think of upgrading or changing our holiday home it may become more apparent, who knows, but it’s been an interesting topic to research.

About 2B's in a Pod

Man. Woman. Micro Tourer. Walking. Kayaking. Travel. See. Eat. Drink. Love. Breathe deep, relax and experience all life has to offer.
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