Modifications Looking Good So Far ..

Waste Water Outlet Modification


From our previous caravanning life we have kept a few things for which we are now very grateful, otherwise these changes may have proven expensive. Opting to use our existing Aquaroll and Wastemaster water containers we found accessing the waste outlet difficult, so to overcome this we have simply extended the waste outlet.

Using two 32mm push fit water pipe right angle joints and three pipe brackets from B&Q, a length of standard caravan waste convoluted pipe we set about the job.


First we cut off one of the push fit ends (still leaving a short right angle section) and pushed the existing waste through it via the cut off end and screwed it to the floor with a bracket.


Using the other joint without modification we screwed this to the floor at the wheel arch.

Cutting the convoluted pipe to length it was pushed firmly into the joints before using the remaining bracket for support in the middle.

This simple modification took 20 minutes cost £5 and now let’s the waste exit from a more accessible point for our needs.

We also noticed that there was no dust cap on the water pump hose to stop bugs getting into the water container, so we bought one for £6 from eBay.


And here it is. On the pump hose and it fits snugly over the water container.

We think it looks good, hope you do too.

Solar Ready !



Pod is now solar ready !

Had to change plans when I saw Pod as I couldn’t fit the Anderson plug where we wanted.

Nevertheless the plug is safe and out of the way under the front by the drawbar.

This is capable of taking up to a 120w free standing folding panel on a plug and play basis, so the search for that now begins.

12v and USB Upgrade


Always nervous when drilling big holes, but here are two for the 12v and USB socket upgrade.

Done this previously so knew what to expect but always happy when it turns out OK.


Finished job all connected up and working a treat.

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2 Responses to Modifications Looking Good So Far ..

  1. Jill wake says:

    Hi find your info really great, have looked at the go pod today is there anything you want I would recommend to have in it ? Also what’s the difference like from towing ordinary caravan ? Thanks very much

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    • Hi Jill .. The following is ‘cut & paste’ from our Facebook page when someone asked the same question. So Hope the following is of some use to you.. Just so you know Mat is the experienced one, me, Claire, is a novice. 😁
      I’m typing this with Mat so it’s his views and mine..
      The options we have are an external 240v and 12v power points. You may find these useful to power up a light in the awning (if you got for one) or the TV which can be taken off its stand and watched in the awning, these when done by Red Lions and are located to the left of the door.
      A tarp comes free but we opted to forgo that and bought the awning ( Khyam XL) which was £300, a very worthy item but be advised that a modification is needed to the elastic which fits to pod. To get a good fit and help it stay in place in bad weather we sewed beading onto the awning which then slips into the awning rail on the top of pod. Hard work but worth it in the long run. Someone did mention they found a tent place that did it for them for a small fee., This little issue wasn’t mentioned until it was raised by another podder and resulted in some sore fingers by the end .. Mine ! We also opted for the awning skirt rail, only useful if you have the full awning and keeps drafts at bay. 😉
      We have added our own internal additional 12v and USB power points rather than pay.
      The external BBQ point may prove handy when hooked up to mains, not just for that but the fridge can also be run from it if you move it to the awning. For those wild camping days the fridge can also be run off gas so has to go in the awning for safety. Solar will never never be powerful enough to run the fridge so would have to be gas.
      Solar is a good idea but the price they are charging is exceptional, for a quarter the price you can purchase a more powerful more efficient freestanding one, just a thought. But that will need a little electrical modification to run from it to the battery.
      A motor mover is a blessing speaking from previous experience. Pods aren’t heavy but taking the stress out of manoeuvring is a bonus. That said they are not cheap but can be taken off when you sell. If I was on my own I’d have one.
      We would recommend either the Caravan Club or Caravan Guard for insurance. We decided for the Caravan Club as the cover was greater and they weren’t as fussy about security devices, most insurance companies want something,, hitchcock wheel clamp etc. Typical prices are circa £200.
      Forget heating it takes up valuable under bed storage and is noisy, instead purchase a small fan heater from Argos value range, about £15. We went camping with one. Temps reached freezing and it did a great job of keeping us toasty so there will be no problem with it in pod.
      Same with the hot water just boil a kettle.
      Both the Caravan Club and the Camping and Caravan Club do towing courses. We can’t speak for either as not done one details of which can be found on their web sites. Saying that I’ve never towed anything and pods my first too. It’s not as bad as you think, pod is light and as long as you remember you’re a little longer and need to go wider round corners it’s fine.
      We opted for shelving as gives us more space, and the little lift-up shelf next to the cooker.
      Hope this all makes sense to you, if you need ‘owt else give us a shout. Happy to help x


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