Sucker Hooks and Holiday Palaces

 Tickets bought as a Christmas present for the Caravan and Motorhome Show at Event City, Manchester were finally going to be used. The show was open for a four day period but we decided to wait till the Sunday in the hope of picking up a bargain. Not that we were shopping for anything in particular, although we did need new rock pegs for the awning. As long as our heads ruled our hearts they should be the only thing we leave with.. 
Concerning heads ruling hearts, our next project others may see as one step too far but it was a bit of a giggle and the outcome better than expected. I am of course referring to our t-shirts, funky or what !?

So with both tickets and t-shirts we headed in the direction of Event City. Knowing the car parks would be busy we ventured onto public transport and within a short time we reached the show just before the doors opened.

Within seconds of MrB taking his coat off his t-shirt drew curious looks from people queuing to enter. LB decided to wait till in the venue and slyly slipped out of her coat without drawing any attention. The apprehension soon passed and both strutted round as if there as part of an exhibit.

With no specific route in mind we did a tour of the site before slowly worming our way through all the distributors. They were all there, from Campbell’s, Prestons and Swift for caravans and motorhomes, Alpha batteries to Washmatic for accessories and Camperland to Khyam for tents and awnings, the selection was huge and it was amazing to how many variations were out there considering most were a white box containing a bed, kitchen, bathroom and living area.

The range in prices were huge too, from £3,000.00 for a trailer tent to a few pennies short of £200,000.00 for a coach sized motorhome which had internal storage at the rear for a small car. This to our surprise had sold whilst being at the show

We only needed one thing, new rock pegs for the awning but look as we might we couldn’t find anything suitable so had to make do with buying new sucker hooks as our current ones are five years old and coming to an end and a reel for the electric hook up cable, we’re currently using an oblong one and to say it’s tiring on the arms to get it taut is an understatement. Hopefully a circular real will make it easier.

We were taken aback by the response to the t-shirts from “tell us more” to “which is your exhibit stand” but more so by people stopping us mid flow to say hi and they followed us on Twitter. So nice to be able to put a face to a tweet.

We had a good four hour walkabout stopping to grab a pie from The Crusty Pie Company and of course we visited the Kyham awning stand and shared our modifications with them and were pleased that the only change we couldn’t do has been implemented, the main window has been made longer so it can be viewed out of when sat down, a good upgrade we thought.

After comparing many like for like caravans we made a shortlist, of course leaving POD a side. Our most desirable tourer was the Buccaneer Schooner, opulence for two, most disappointing were the Eriba and T@B, lots crammed in yes but they just didn’t flow.

Then came the OMG’s for sell up and tour for the rest of your life, for us it was the Airstream International a snip over £80k. The display had sold but we managed to blag a walk round the opposite side of the locked door, the finish inside was spectacular and everything was where it should be, perfection. 

 The most thought provoking was a Mercedes Benz derived 4×4 motorhome that yelled road presence, we only had a quick glimpse as it was commanding a lot of attention and always had a queue of people eager to see inside.

We made full use of the areas covering facials and aching body parts, so much so we left with a spring in our step, partly due to these services on offer more so knowing we loved our Pod even more and were extremely grateful to have her knowing we have many many more adventures lined up over the next few months and years .. God willing.

We had a great day out and once home changed the cable over, it did indeed prove to be an easier task. 

To share a tip with you, one that came to light whilst having shoes polished, wipe your Pod window seals with beeswax to prevent perishing and help keep the dreaded black streaks away a natural substance and less likely to cause damage.  

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