Studs, Poppers and an Epiphany 

We’ve had Pod now for a year and a half and boy we’ve had some fun in her and enjoyed coming up with ideas to improve our experiences, from designing our bed slats, our chopping board and modified the 12V system to meet our needs to name a few, but no matter where the location the weather has always been the testing and changeable factor, certainly made some trips very interesting.  

The rain and the temperature have always been manageable but the one that always tested our set-up was the wind. Without a doubt Pod can withstand anything, the awning however because it’s a generic fit in our eyes has always needed a bit of tweaking.

This we’ve already done by sewing in beading so it gave the required fit with the awning rail and this was soon followed by moving the guy line triangles to a lower position to give a tight, snug fit down the sides. This worked well but in high winds, dependant on its direction it would still cause the sides edges of the awning to flap away from the sides of Pod, no major issue really but we still wanted to improve on it, so thinking caps were always on and when we’ve been away we’ve couldn’t resist a nosey at other set ups for any possible ideas.

The Camping and Caravan show at the NEC provided us with plenty of ideas but the one that caught our attention was the Protec covers display, as part of their range of towing cover attachments were YKK plastic press studs with 3M adhesive backings, as these were plastic and not metal there wouldn’t be any corrosion and a further search revealed they were available in black or white.

Lots of ideas were floating around in MrB’s head but nothing firm had been set so the decision was to put it to one side and hope for an epiphany.

Pod Powwow in Oban came around and during a walk round the site this ‘light bulb’ moment occurred and this is all thanks to Powwow pals Julie and Robert. They had attached heavy duty suckers to the sides of their pod and the guy lines running from the awning were fastened to the suckers, good use of suckers we thought and we do use them on the back of Pod for coats and the toilet roll holder but we wanted something smaller.

Now with the press studs and this combined we came up with a permanent fixture that due to their size blended in with the sides of Pod, it would just require more sewing.

Once home from the Powwow lots of research took place to locate the press studs and YKK Snad fastener self adhesive 40mm stud and poppers were decided on from Ebay, four black and four white were bought at £3.94 ea., white for Pod and the black for the awing.

They arrived promptly and 4 x 1.5mm holes were drilled into the black studs, in effect turning them into buttons, next came the ‘fun’ bit, sewing them onto the four guy line triangles. 

Once a decision was made as to where on the triangle to sew them LB used the rot proof thread from the beading blog and set about sewing the buttons on, only went through 3 needles on this occasion and thanks to a thimble no blood was shed ;).

The next job to be done was the securing of the white poppers and this had to wait for our next trip out, which was Cirencester in a few weeks.

Once at Cirencester the awning was set up and LB’s hairdryer came out, it was November and temperatures weren’t brilliant, we needed the glue side of the popper to warm slightly to ensure a permanent and secure fit to Pod, once these were on, they wouldn’t be coming off very easily.

After making sure the guy lines were equally positioned on both sides and the area to be used cleaned, we set about warming the sticky pad of the popper and the chosen spot on Pod. Once adequately done, the sticker back came off and the popper went on, no going back now we thought.

Tape measure was used through out and eventually all four poppers were secured to the side of Pod, the temptation to try them was there but we needed to let it set and with a great deal of patience we waited for our next trip out to Delamere Forest in December.

Between mid November and December Pod was checked occasionally and this was done with a little trepidation as we thought they would either fall off due to cold temperatures or slide off from the torrential rain, but no, they were still firmly in place and we arrived at Delamere Forest with them intact.

Pod was set up along with the awning and the stud/poppers, it gave a lovely streamline look to the sides and stopped the sides from bellowing in the wind, a much snugger fit. If guaranteed good weather (we can dream) we even gave consideration to not using the guy lines on the sides the press studs were doing an excellent job.

Another modification done on the awning we are extremely pleased with, but what now, well, watch this space because something is already in the pipeline.

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